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Gutter cleaning
A blocked gutter can cause water to build up and enter the property if left and not cleaned causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. I can resolve this problem for you quickly and efficiently with my sate of the art SkyVac high powered (no ladders needed) vacuum system. (see Video).



Porch and Conservatory Cleaning
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 We have a price guide here for you to view for SkyPole gutter cleaning

Fascia and Soffit Cleaning really helps to Improve the look of your UPVC Fascia and Soffits. Regular cleaning reduces the build up of dirt and eliminates the risk of permanent staining and that’s why we make every effort to ensure when we leave, It looks it’s absolute best.
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Gutter and roof inspections for residential and commercial property
SkyPole Professional High Reach Inspection System, day or night, no ladders, scaffolding, scissor lifts or cherry pickers required.

My light weight telescopic poles can elevate my cordless camera up to 14 Metres (46ft) not including operator, the system is completely wireless so no trailing leads.

The SkyPole can even record the footage directly onto an SD card ready for emailing.

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Toilets, sinks, shower trays, baths  and drains unblocked
A clean discreet unblocking services without crazy prices. All work will be carried out by myself, no subcontractors or third parties will be used. I always respect other people’s properties as we  would do our own homes. I have full liability insurance. A receipt with full company contact details will be given on completion of all work.

Customer satisfaction is paramount in my eyes

unblock drains