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HedgeHog Gutter Brushes
Stop gutters and ground drainage channels becoming blocked by fallen leaves, and twigs.

The Hedgehog has been designed to prevent leaves clogging gutters and drains, keeping them clear for years meaning. Each year just a general SkyVac will keep them in tip top condition. Protection from blockage will prevent subsequent damaging water overflow, saving time and money in the long term.

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No protection - gutters easily fill up with leaves and twigs which means water cannot flow freely and builds up. When water overflows, seals will deteriorate and leaks will form in joints and down pipes.

Gutter grill - leaves and debris settle on the grill causing water to run over the side while sediment builds up in the gutter. Grills can also prove difficult to fit.

Hedgehog - Polypropylene bristles, which are tough and UV resistant, are spun into the spine and project out in all directions. These bristles are what make Hedgehog so effective as leaves will land on them and just get blown away.

Rain can filter through the brush and flow freely along the gutter. It’s hard wearing, easy to fit. Once fitted into a clean system, clogged gutters and drains become a thing of the past. Each gutter brush is designed with a twisted-pair stainless steel wire spine that's strong yet flexible, allowing it to adapt automatically to the shape of any gutter. Can also be used as a pathway drain brush, virtually indestructible!

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